Adjustable looms for weaving custom made vests.


New set of looms for weaving vests no waste material! Very easy to assemble, warp & pick.

📌 Adjustable to different bust contour meassurements.

📌It is not necessary to perform shrink or reduction calculations! All these calculations are included in its dimensions and design.

📌No material is wasted, You will haven't too much tails to be hidden because you can weave with continuous strand technique to get complete pieces with the shape of the vest parts)

📌Create automatically unique designs!. Due to its specific geometry, as it's woven, fantastic color combinations and designs are generated when nuanced yarn are used.

📌Includes weaving tools (shuttle, comb, crochet hook, wool needle) & Online personal assistance every time you need it. 

Vests woven with EASY VEST