We want to share with you some stories of our daily work, our environment and our techniques. They are those small anecdotes of the back room that enrich us and give us ever higher challenges and nobler objectives to achieve.

We take a new challenge: To wave a long jacket with PAMPA LOOM VESTO! (yes! longer than the loom ...)How to take the measurements? How to adjust the loom? What is the best yarn? All this in the next step by step!!

Wearing a garment created with our hands is a rewarding experience.

When we take our first steps in loom's world, warping time seems to be an endless and exhausting process: extend long strands on floor, cross them in the warper, pass each thread through the comb, roll them with paper, tight warp and finally... load the shuttle to start weaving!

To knit with two colors wool is always a very rewarding experience. As the weave progresses, the colors combine in unexpected ways achieving effects that always surprise us.Although there are different methods and formulas for dyeing wool in one or several colors, in this article we are going to show you how we do it in our study.We...

And every story begins with a dream, a mental image that we cradle. Gradually we shape it, make it our own, and finally, we impart it the breath of life