A moment to relax ... take a breath... and get full hands on the wool!

Spinning our own fibers and weaving in loom are activities that accompany us from time immemorial. As we develop our artistic abilities, we recover ancestral knowledge, discover our own technique and take care of our surroundings.

Join our workshops where, coffee in between, we will live an empowering experience creating with our own hands. All in a distended atmosphere with friendly people and respectful of your learning times.

Contemporary Loom Workshop

A tailor-made workshop!

In our classes you will learn to weave garments such as vests and jackets (your own size), ponchos, ruanas and deco articles for your home or give away.
We use techniques that allow you to express and develop your creativity in design without wasting material.
We use loom for making garments, triangle loom, rigid heddle loom and many others. If you are spinner, you can use all your handspun yarn to create unique pieces using the continuous weft technique.

Handspun yarn Workshop

The pleasure of spinning your 

own wool! 

As our grandmothers did and as contemporary textile artists do, you will learn how to wash and dye the fleece & how to  spin with an electric or pedal spinning wheel. 

Learn to spin traditional thin yarn is very useful but, nothing more challenging and creative than learn to spin thick & thin art yarn, beehives, navajo play and more techniques.

We use non-toxic dyes and processes that save energy and water.