Complete learning kit 
for weaving garments!

  1. Adjustable looms for weaving garments Front, back & sleeve with supplement for round neckline. Material MDF 6mm.
  2. 22 video tutorials on line. Complete step by step technique to weave vests or jackets. Personal assistance whenever you need it.
  3. Metal bars to hold de weft.
  4. Well adapted tools for weaving: Comb, shuttles, wool needle & crochet hook.
  5. Handmade tools bag.

The looms are adjustable for different measures of 

bust, armhole and hip!!


Available 3 standard sizes of VESTO kit.  Measure your bust outline and select the kit that suits you. Contact us for request larger sizes.

Weave comfortably any where, any time 

Video tutorials online for unlimited time!

See a preview...

Easy to warp

All that is included..

Garment loom parts

Online video tutorials & personal assistance.

Well adapted tools for weaving

Metal bars to hold the weft

Metal screws, nuts & flats

Round neckline piece

How to assemble VESTO looms

Time to weave your 
jackets & vests with perfect finishes, no waste material!

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