Do you need a new garment for next weekend?


You can have it weaving the five hours vest!

Follow the step by step & get a vest like this...   


1 - First I have selected a thick & thin yarn to weave quickly, but since I don't want a fabric too rough, I have combined it with an aran thick yarn. This way, the fabric will be light but textured and warm at the same time.

2 - I weave the front part alternating threads of different thickness

3 - The weaving technique is as important as the loom to achieve the goal. 

4 - With continuous weft technique I have a few tails to hide! 

Finished two front parts. Net time used: 1 h. 

5 - In the front part, right side, I have tensed the warps to get a clean edge without crochet, I could leave it like that and it looks very good (although maybe I will crochet later. I love to overload the edges...)

6 - Time to start weaving second half back with double sided warping technique. 

8 - Removing the fabric from the loom. What a pleasure moment! 

7 - The loops of the warp are removed from the slots and the fabric is opened like the leaves of a book.

9 - I got a full back! Next close the central space between the weft . 

10 - Closing the central space with the comb.

11 - Ready to join the pieces. 

12 - Shoulders Union. 

13 - Joining the side. Crochet slip stitch by taking the warp loops and then, chain one. 

14 - Basic vest finished! 
Net finishes time: Laterals: 1 h. Crochet complete round: 1 h. 

(Click on the picture to enlarge)