My brown jacket


And every story begins with a dream, a mental image that we cradle. Gradually we shape it, make it our own, and finally, we impart it the breath of life

My brown jacket, which now accompanies me everywhere, had to be unique and flow from my own hands. I had to express what I am witnessing, what I perceive, even though it seems to be outside, it is nothing more than a reflection of what is cooked inside ...

Autumn was inspiring! With its reds, yellows & browns, my beautiful pampa land dresses and strips herself of their colors one by one when, between the increasingly translucent atmospheric curtain of April, one infinite straight line, unabashedly, broke the landscape into two: blue sky & gray earth!

It say that is because our soil is poor, the winter too cold and the summer overmuch hot... The truth is that she (my land) wanted to be like this... so semi-desert, so wild, so thorny & survivor. These are the ingrained brown tones which, overlaping its worn threads, weave spirals of laughter and passionate frenzy zigzagging among polychrome flashes.

I don't know ... I don't know if I can ask to my brown jacket woven with nice wool, that tell more things than those read on its label. But let's just say yes. That she can tell a lot more than ... "hand wash with cold water".  that every piece dreamed, created and lived, is for the soul of the one who realizes, an extension of itself, the furtive instant of embrace with its true captive nature, that says with or without prizes or showcases...That's that really matters!

Stealing colors to the autumn

When we did not already have the drum carder, the carding process(opening the wool) and the mixture of colors was done by hand, stacking layers intercalately.

Neither gray nor brown, A little of each one

It seemed a good idea to spin two play, one strand of each color, to weave the color base of the jacket.

Looking for the perfect combination

The contrast will not only be reflected in the colors but also in the textures.

The orange, red and blue, irregularly spun with knots, spirals & beehives stand out on the basis of traditional spun yarns.

The pleasure of letting go spinning creatively

Autumnal strands on loom

¡Time to walk proudly across the square! (at home steps...)