Start Well For An Optimal Finish


When we take our first steps in loom's world, warping time seems to be an endless and exhausting process: extend long strands on floor, cross them in the warper, pass each thread through the comb, roll them with paper, tight warp and finally... load the shuttle to start weaving!

Practice allows weave faster and precise. The beautiful fabrics obtained justify widely the time invest in learning and preparations.

But if we want to weave on a garment loom, perfect finishes are posibles and warping is no longer a problem.  Weave becomes a creative and stimulating experience.

Looms are specially designed for weaving garments. Includes: 3 single frames: front, back & sleeve. The pieces are woven separately. Using PAMPA LOOM's system (continuous weft technique), you can reduce waste material & time of weaving, obtaining neat finishes.

To prevent fabric shrinkage, first and last warp are hold with a rigid metal rod that will be removed after weaving.

Not too tight ... Not too loose... Let's do it!