1. There is a maximum of 14 days for the return of the product, once received by the buyer. After this period, the amount paid will not be returned, even if the product is returned.

  2. If the buyer does not receive and review the merchandise (for example, because it is retained in customs) and the product returns, it is not considered a refund and the restitution of money is not carried out.

  3. The buyer can return the product at his free will. However, you must pay for shipping and handling. In the case of being "free shipping", the amount of the initial shipment upon return of funds will also be deducted.

  4. If there is an anomaly in the Pampa Loom product, we will send you the broken or missing parts, not requiring a refund, and the costs of this shipment will be borne by Pampa Loom.  

  5. If the customer changes his mind about the purchase, he can do so, even if he has not received the product. The buyer has 5 days to cancel the purchase after ordering, subsequently the purchase will be considered effective.

  6. As long as they do not contradict the previous points, Pampa Loom will respect the refund policies of Paypal, which is the means it uses for payment.