1. There is a maximum of 7 days to request a refund, once received by the buyer. After this period, the amount paid will not be refunded, even if the product is returned. The buyer must show evidence (photos, video) that the product suffered severe damage during transport, or that it arrived with severe defects, and that it is unusable.

  2. If the buyer does not receive and review the shipment (for example, because it is held in customs and the customer does not release it, or because there is no one to receive it, or because the customer refuses to receive it, etc.) and the product is returned or lost, it is not considered a refund and the money is not refunded.

  3. If there is a minor anomaly in the Pampa Loom product, we will send you the broken or missing parts, not requiring a refund, and the costs of this shipment will be borne by Pampa Loom.

  4. If you change your mind regarding your purchase, you can request the refund within 5 days of ordering. After this period it is considered an effective purchase.  

  5. If a problem occurs with the payment platform in the payment process, and the money is not deposited in the Pampa Loom account, but is retained, lost, etc. by the platform, the buyer must dispute the refund with the platform, since Pampa Loom does not handle that process.

  6. If the refund is due, Pampa Loom will deposit the returned money in a bank account indicated by the buyer.

  7. Pampa Loom is not aware of the import regulations of each country. The information regarding this matter is the responsibility of the customer. Pampa Loom only warns that import taxes may be charged. The requirement of a tax by your customs does not justify a return of the product by the customer, nor a refund of the payment by Pampa Loom. The customer must bear the customs taxes.

  8. If for any reason the customs of the customer's country rejects the shipment and the product is returned, Pampa Loom will proceed to refund the value paid, except for the value of the freight, since this was incurred.