We can use the same loom to weave diferent parts of a Jacket

It is a great satisfaction to place the pieces on the mannequin and check that our project is taking shape

We start weaving from the bottom to the top.

Tip: If you weave tight, use an extra rod to hold the weft over the edge of the round neck. It will avoid the curvature by shrinkage and the neckline will be well delineated 

When you remove the fabric from the loom
it looks very loose...

Two rounds of crochet give to the piece clean finishes! 

Crab stitch separating the two colors

Use a wool needle for the last weft picks

Weft picks per inch.

Warp ends per inch.

We use the same loom to weave the skirt,

Warp the loom from the underside of the armhole 

to the bottom edge

Time to remove the skirt of the front part from the loom 

& crocheting all around the piece

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